Consider a well-known phrase ‘Hood’s Warning’. All the vowels are missing. Try to replace them: BSRTH BRNSN GGDBF RPTTN GTHMT HNGR

A; I, A, ; E; O, A; O; Y, A, O; I, A, E; O, Y; A; E, O, U; I; E
E; A, A; O; I, E; A, E, E; O, O, E; Y, I; A, O; U; A, E
E; E, U; A; I, E; E; A, A, E; O, A, I; U, A; E; A, O, U; I, A, E
E; U, E; E; A, I; I; E, A, E; E, O, E; U, I; E; O, U; I; E, A

You can hide two incorrect answers

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