The Mysterious Winchester House

Winchester House

Get ready to be (a little) spooked and amazed at the mystery of the Winchester House!

The Winchester House built in 1886 is quite a view: 1,000 windows, 160 rooms, 40 bedrooms, and even 2 basements. But it’s not the size that makes the house special but its… let’s say... particular disturbing details.

For example, some of the doors lead nowhere (or to a 15-feet drop). Staircases sometimes lead to ceilings. The amount of secret passages is crazy.

Winchester House

Why is the House like this?

Well, they say that the owner of the house, Sarah Winchester, was haunted by the spirits of those killed with the Winchester rifle and wanted to evade the ghosts by expanding the house. They say she believed that when the construction was complete, the ghosts would get her. But it’s surely just a legend… or is it?

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