5 Greatest Mathematicians Ever

It’s hard to imagine today how people used to live without computers and other helpful devices hundreds or even thousands years ago. But there have always been scientists of clear mind for whom making revolutionary inventions or developing complicated theories was quite an easy job! Let’s take a closer look at these phenomenal people and their impressive works!


Archimedes is widely regarded one of the most prominent and influential mathematicians of all times, which sounds really surprising if we call to our mind that the scientist was born around 287 B.C.! Among his most outstanding discoveries and inventions there are buoyancy (the memorable yell “Eureka” comes from there, too), lots of military weapons, a few formulas that help to measure capacity, and – what modern physicists are to be especially grateful for– pi.

Blaise Pascal

Born in 1623, Blaise Pascal was a French mathematician and philosopher, and a child prodigy who became a math expert by the time he was only 12. The mechanical calculator he created at the age of 19 is now considered the first calculator ever, although it was not his only significant invention – the hydraulic press, the syringe, and the barometer followed soon.

Sir Isaac Newton

“The father of gravity”, British scientist Isaac Newton has become one of the most prominent mathematicians and physicists known today. His laws of gravity are taught at almost every school, as well as his geometrical proofs. The scientist is also notable for invention of a special mathematical study called calculus, and is generally considered the pioneer of modern science.

Charles Babbage

This great mathematician is not widely known today, but the results of his works are seen everywhere, and apparently constitute the basis of today’s computerized world. Born in 1791, much ahead of his time, he invented a machine able to perform simple mathematical calculations, and called it the Difference Engine. Several years later he came up with another innovative invention that got the name the Analytical Engine that could perform complicated functions at a very high speed. Born today, Babbage would change the world; but even invented two centuries ago his creations have made a wonderful contribution to what make our life so much easier today.

Albert Einstein

The true gem of our list is, of course, Albert Einstein. The theory of relativity proposed by him at the beginning of the 20th century had transformed the theoretical physics and has damaged the reputation of Isaac Newton with his theory of mechanics. The theory states that the speed of light in a vacuum is the fastest speed in the universe, and has brought Einstein his Nobel Prize in Physics in 1921.

Let’s now pass to the tricky mathematical riddles we’ve prepared for you to check if there are any seeds of genius inside your mind!

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