Hi! We’ve gathered some more riddles and puzzles for you to try! Will your mind go absolutely crazy trying to find the right answer? Or will you deal with each of them without peeking in the solution? Ready to burnish your brain? Then go!

1. Shaken, Not Stirred

Imagine that you are an olive oil seller. You have an approximately half-filled barrel of oil and you need to check it. How can you find out if it is: exactly half filled, more than half filled, or less than half filled?

Show me the answer
Lean the barrel so that the oil will touch the upper rim of the barrel. If bottom part of the barrel is visible, then it's less than half filled.

2. A Killer Love

Before going to work on Monday, policeman John told his unbearable wife that he wants to divorce. Later that day he came home and found that the police were there and that his wife had just killed a thief. She told the policemen that she had done it in self-defense. She heard sounds in the hall and thought that it was her loving husband John. When she saw the thief who jumped into her, she was so scared that she killed him immediately with the knife. Why did her husband ask the policemen to arrest his «loving» wife for murder conspiracy?

Show me the answer
She was planning to kill her «loving» husband, as she was holding the knife ready in her hand when the thief came.

3. Grandma's Riddle

You took a tiger, a goat and a cauliflower on a trip with you (the reason why you did this is none of our business). You need to cross a river using a very small boat that can only carry you and one of the three possessions you have. You can't leave the tiger and the goat on the river bank, because the tiger will gobble the goat up. Similarly, you can't take the tiger, as the goat will eat the cauliflower while you are away from the bank. How will you carry all three things across the river?

Show me the answer
First take the goat with you, leave it on the other bank. Come back alone. Then take the tiger, leave it on the other bank and come back with the goat. This time, leave the goat behind and row the cauliflower across. Come back alone. Now, you can take the goat and cross the river for one last time. The puzzle is solved!

4. Exchanging Glances

Joe is looking at Jane, and she is looking at Jack. Joe is married, Jack is single. Is a married person looking at a single one?

Show me the answer
The answer is yes. It's all about Jane. If she is single, then married Joe is looking at a single person. If she is married, it is her who is married and looking at single Jack.

5. Back on Feet Again

You are staying at Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles in Beverly Hills. Five beauty queens are staying at it, too. Each of them has booked five suits and each suit is occupied by five little annoying dogs. Each of these dogs has five little toy tigers. Each toy tiger and little dog has four legs. How many legs are in hotel?

Show me the answer
The answer is 3012. 5 suits for each of the 5 beauty queens make 25 rooms. There are 5 little dogs in each of the 25 suits; 25x5=125 little dogs total. The number of little toy tigers is 625 (5 per each of the 125 little dogs). There are 125+625=750 four-legged objects, both animate and inanimate, in all of the suits, and they have 750x4=3000 legs. Add the 10 beauty queens’ legs (5x2=10), and don’t forget your own two legs!

So, that's it! We hope you found the puzzles entertaining! Is your brain frying yet? Now let’s see if it had got fit enough to deal with more challenging puzzles and tricky questions!

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