About Quest&Rest!
Boost your IQ in the most natural way!
It’s been proved that stimulating your brain on a regular basis improves your memory and decreases the chances of developing Alzheimer's disease.
This fact has become one of the main reasons why we have launched Quest&Rest – a collection of logic- based questions subdivided into several categories.
On the website, you can try one of these tasks
  • anagrams and word quizzes
  • assorted puzzles
  • IQ boosting tasks
  • find the intruder
  • topmost facts
  • sequences, true/false questions, and math tasks
  • USA, biology, physics, and literature questions
or play all of them randomly mixed
You’ll get 1 point
for each correct answer and compete with other players.
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If you still can’t find the answer, please contact us via the Customer Care page.